As of version 1.4.x, we have fully deprecated the perl and shell wrappers that were provided by the project. This is a list of commands and their new mappings.

bak2db -> dsctl <instance> bak2db -> dsctl <instance> bak2db -> dsconf <instance> repl-tasks cleanallruv
db2bak -> dsctl <instance> db2bak -> dsctl <instance> db2bak
db2index -> dsconf <instance> backend index reindex -> dsconf <instance> backend index reindex
db2ldif -> dsctl <instance> db2ldif -> dsctl <instance> db2ldif -> dsconf <instance> backend monitor
dbverify -> dsctl <instance> dbverify
dn2rdn -> REMOVED -> dsconf <instance> plugin linkedattr fixup <basedn> -> dsconf <instance> plugin memberof fixup
ldif2db -> dsctl <instance> ldif2db -> dsctl <instance> ldif2db
ldif2ldap -> REMOVED -> REMOVED
monitor -> dsconf <instance> monitor server -> dsidm <instance> account status -> dsidm <instance> account unlock -> dsidm <instance> account lock -> dsconf <instance> localpwp -> dsctl <instance> remove
restart-dirsrv -> dsctl <instance> restart
restoreconfig -> REMOVED
saveconfig -> REMOVED -> dsconf <instance> schema reload -> dscreate
start-dirsrv -> dsctl <instance> start
status-dirsrv -> dsctl <instance> status
stop-dirsrv -> dsctl <instance> stop
suffix2instance -> REMOVED -> REMOVED
upgradedb -> REMOVED
upgradednformat -> REMOVED -> dsconf <instance> plugin usn cleanup -> dsctl <instance> dbverify
vlvindex -> dsconf <instance> backend vlv-index reindex

William Brown, SUSE Labs

Last modified on 31 January 2019