Feature Design Documents

This page serves as a central collection point for feature design documents. Feature design documents are organized by the release where the feature is implemented.

If you are adding a new design document, use the template. Don’t forget to add a link under the proper release on this page!

389 Directory Server 1.3.7 (RHEL 7.5)

389 Directory Server 1.3.6 (RHEL 7.4)

389 Directory Server 1.3.5 (RHEL 7.3)

389 Directory Server 1.3.4

389 Directory Server 1.3.3

389 Directory Server 1.3.2

389 Directory Server 1.3.1

389 Administration Server 1.1.36

Web-based Directory Server Management Console

Older Design Documents

Plugin Design Documents

Design Discussions

Last modified on 20 November 2017