How to Reset the Directory Manager Password

If you forget the directory manager password, it’s pretty easy to reset it. You will have to edit the main server config file (dse.ldif). Before you do that, you must shutdown the server. If the server is running and you edit dse.ldif, your changes will be lost.

stop-dirsrv [yourinstance]    

Next, generate the new password using the pwdhash command.

/usr/bin/pwdhash newpassword    

This will print out the hashed password string using the default directory manager password hashing scheme for your instance (SSHA by default). Then

cd /etc/dirsrv/slapd-yourinstance    

Edit dse.ldif (you should have already shutdown the server - see above) - search for nsslapd-rootpw - you will see a line like this:

nsslapd-rootpw: {SSHA}92ls0doP1i0VgQMm8jMjGw27AzVEzyLJS9sj02==    

Replace the value with the value printed out by pwdhash and save the file. Then restart the server

start-dirsrv [yourinstance]    

Then test your new password

ldapsearch -x -D "cn=directory manager" -w newpassword -s base -b "" "objectclass=*"    
Last modified on 3 November 2015