389 Directory Server - January 21, 2013

389-ds-base version 389-ds-base- is released to Stable repositories. This release supports slapi transactions, improved performance, as well as fixed bugs.

The new packages and versions are:


See Download for information about setting up your yum repositories. Then use yum install 389-ds

yum install 389-ds

After install completes, run setup-ds-admin.pl to set up your directory server.


If running 389-ds on Fedora, use **‘systemctl start stop dirsrv.target**’ for stopping and starting 389-ds, instead of using **‘service dirsrv start stop**’


See Download for information about setting up your yum repositories. Then use yum upgrade

yum upgrade

After upgrade completes, run setup-ds-admin.pl -u to update your directory server/admin server/console information.

setup-ds-admin.pl -u

See Download for more information about setting up yum accb12e69e Ticket 541 -ess.

See Install_Guide for more information about the initial installation, setup, and upgrade.d

See Source for information about source tarballs and SCM (git) access.

Your Feedback is Important!

The best way to provide feedback is via the Fedora Update system.

Or just send us an email to 389-users@lists.fedoraproject.org

If you find a bug, or would like to see a new feature, use the 389 Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/389


NOTE: 1.3.0 will not be available for Fedora 17 or earlier, nor for EL6 or earlier 1.3.0 will only be available for Fedora 18 and later. We are trying to stabilize current, stable releases - upgrades to 1.3.0 will disrupt stability.

New features / Fixed bugs in 1.3.0

Don't overwrite certmap.conf during upgrade Cannot dynamically set nsslapd-maxbersize DNA plugin no longer reports additional info when range is depleted need to set plugin as off in ldif template RootDN Access Control plugin is missing after upgrade Escaped character cannot be used in the substring search filter betxn: upgrade is not implemented yet Create DOAP description for the 389 Directory Server project Handling URP results is not correct lock-free access to be->be_suffixlock improve entry cache sizing Clean up compiler warnings for 1.3 loading an entry from the database should use str2entry_fast lock-free access to be->be_suffixlock ns-slapd segfaults if it cannot rename the logs RFE: 389-ds shouldn't advertise in the rootDSE that we can handle a sasl mech if we really can't disable replication agreements dse.ldif is 0 length after server kill or machine kill Change in winSyncInterval does not take immediate effect Allow automember to work on entries that have already been added nsViewFilter syntax issue in 389DS 1.2.5 improve CLEANRUV functionality modify-delete userpassword minor fixes for bdb 4.2/4.3 and mozldap Multiple threads simultaneously working on connection's private buffer causes ns-slapd to abort cn=monitor showing stats for other db instances use mutex for FrontendConfig lock instead of rwlock Avoid creating an attribute just to determine the syntax for a type, look up the syntax directly by type crash in DNA if no dnaMagicRegen is specified RedHat Directory Server crashes (segfaults) when moving ldap entry Search with a complex filter including range search is slow Newly created users with organizationalPerson objectClass fails to sync from AD to DS with missing attribute error IP lookup failing with multiple DNS entries Possible to add invalid attribute to nsslapd-allowed-to-delete-attrs Deleting attribute present in nsslapd-allowed-to-delete-attrs returns Operations error Improve AD version in winsync log message Un-resolvable server in replication agreement produces unclear error message Slapd crashes when deleting backends while operations are still in progress Possible to set invalid macros in Macro ACIs Cannot abaondon simple paged result search slapd entered to infinite loop during new index addition Internal Password Policy usage very inefficient internalModifiersname not updated by DNA plugin if pam_passthru is enabled, need to AC_CHECK_HEADERS([security/pam_appl.h]) nsslapd-enablePlugin should not be multivalued Doc: DS error log messages with typo Allow db2ldif to be quiet multimaster_extop_cleanruv returns wrong error codes expand nested posix groups Insufficient rights to unhashed#user#password when user deletes his password anonymous limits are being applied to directory manager MOD operations with chained delete/add get back error 53 on backend config ds-logpipe.py script's man page and script help should be updated for -t option. RFE: Interpret IPV6 addresses for ACIs, replication, and chaining  RFE - Make RIP working with Replicated Entries  make sure all internal search filters are properly escaped  389-admin build fails on F-18 with new apache   deadlock in replica_write_ruv use betxn plugins by default make cos, roles, views betxn aware  logconv.pl track bind info Audit log - clear text password in user changes  Opening merge qualifier CoS entry using RHDS console changes the entry.  Setting nsslapd-listenhost or nsslapd-securelistenhost breaks ACI processing    Overconsumption of memory with large cachememsize and heavy use of ldapmodify   unhashedTicket #userTicket #password in entry extension     Create a normalized dn cache    db2index with -tattrname:type,type fails    fix build problem with mozldap c sdk    add test for include file mntent.h      different parameters of getmntent in Solaris

Tickets for 1.3.0

These are all of the tickets targeted for 1.3.0. Tickets with Status closed and Resolution fixed have been fixed in this release.

Download, Install, Setup

The Download page has information about how to get the binaries. The Install_Guide has information about installation and setup.

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