New Users

If you are new to LDAP Directory servers you may want to read an overview of the Directory Server architecture. This will introduce you to a lot of the technology and terminology behind an LDAP server.

If you have any questions, first check out our Frequently Asked Questions. We also have some extensive online documentation. You should also become familiar with our license.

If you plan to build the project from source, see our getting started guide.

Here are some Screenshots.

Client Software

A Directory Server is a type of database often used to centrally store data about people. It is best used for data that does not change often but is read frequently such as email addresses and other contact information; passwords and certificates; and any relatively static business data. It is really useful when you have a variety of clients that can talk to it. There is quite a bit of client software available for the Directory Server. The list of client software is available on our client software page.

Community Support

As open source software, there are many ways to get help. This includes online documentation, support provided by the project developers and community in the mailing lists and online chat sites in IRC.

You can keep up with the goings-on of the project in our mailing lists.

You can talk to other users in real time by joining the #389 channel on the IRC server

The Future

To see the direction the project is going in, check out our roadmap.

Our current wishlist is also available.

Last modified on 7 August 2014