ansible ds389_module Design

General considerations

This module goals are:


Upper level parameters

Name Optional Kind Description
State True Enum present/absent/update/started/stopped Determine the state of the instances.
- present may add instances/backends/index/agreements but does not remove them
- absent remove any 389ds related resources listed in the ds389  parameter
- update synchronize the parameter. It does remove configured resources that are not specified in the parameters
- started Ensure that all instances are started
- stopped Ensure that all parameters are stopped
ds389 True Dict The instances parameters for [1]
ds389info True Dict The prefix parameters
ansiblevars False Dict Some variable got from the ansible framework

## Nested level parameters

The details of the options should be fully documented in the ansible_collections/ds389/ansible_ds/playbooks/roles/ds389_server/README.md file that is delivered with the ds389.ansible collection (The list is quite long To ensure that the document is accurate, this file will be generated dynamically from the module options table)

## ds389 parameters


ds389_server action plugin

The role of this plugin is to gather the data from inventory and the plugin parameters and

Potential future developments

Last modified on 7 March 2023