389 Directory Server Documentation


Directory Server Documentation

The best documentation for use and deployment can be found in the Red Hat Directory Server documentation. Although these documents are for Red Hat Directory Server, they apply to 389 DS as well. However, be sure to read the Release Notes and Install Guide for 389 DS first in case there are important differences.

Design Documents & Roadmap

All our features are initially planned and developed from these documents:

How Tos

We maintain a number of how to guides for 389 Directory Server

Common Server Configuration Tasks

Directory Server Setup and Management

Operating System

Development processes





Legacy How To’s

These are potentially outdated or incorrect for the current DS version.

FAQ and tech docs

We have some less maintained FAQ’s and tech docs related to the server here:

What’s New on port389.org?

Check out the latest additions and updates here

Last modified on 3 May 2022